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Attention Registered Cablers!

Just a reminder to renew and maintain your BRCA Cabling Registration. It is very important to keep your registration up to date and renewed as it is a mandatory requirement set by the government ACMA.

We often have enquiry and calls from builders and consumers asking us to verify that the cabling contractors that are doing work for them is registered. This is a legal requirement and while we do not pass on any details, we are legally bound to disclose if the person in question is or isn’t registered.

So please be sure to keep your cabling registration up to date and ensure that we can give you a positive response if your customer calls us about you. It is a very simple process; you can renew over the phone or request to be sent out another Renewal form. It is $82.50 for a three year renewal, or $33.00 for a one year renewal. You can pay via credit card, cheque, money order or direct deposit. If you would like to renew or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our office on +61 3 9867-4911.

BICSI Registered Cablers Australia (BRCA) is:

  • an official registrar for the Cabling Provider Rules (CPR)
  • accredited by the ACMA
  • supported by BICSI South Pacific a not-for-profit industry association dedicated to supporting designers and installers of information transport systems (ITS) for residential, commercial and government applications

All cabling work on computer, telecommunications or alarm equipment must be performed by a registered cabler. Anyone working on security, fire and computer services which connect or are intended to connect, to a telecommunications network must be registered under the ACMA Cabling Provider Rules.

Register now for only $33 per year or $82.50 for three years and gain peace of mind.