Supplying High-End Communication Equipment to Governments

One of the most lucrative businesses you can get involved in is that of supplying high-end communication equipment to governments. In today’s article, we will be explaining how you can get started in that particular business.

It is important to make a decision, right at the outset, about the specific type of high-end communication equipment you will be supplying to governments. Is it, for instance, radar equipment? Or is it military communication equipment? Is it surveillance feedback equipment? Is it police communication radio equipment? …You just have to make decisions on the specific type of high-end communication equipment you will be seeking to supply to governments.

The next step is to establish links with the manufacturers of the equipment you have in mind. The objective here would be to ensure that they can actually sell you the equipment, once you get an order from a government. Of course, if you have the financial muscle (and technical know-how), you can set up a plant to be manufacturing the equipment you will be supplying to governments. That is an even better business propositions: because you are likely to make more profits that way, and governments nowadays seem to prefer buying equipment directly from manufacturers as opposed to ‘brokers’.

The next step after this would be to get the people who are in charge of procurement in government departments to know that you supply high-end communication equipment. To this end, you may need to network with such individuals. It is also a good idea to set up some sort of website, where people seeking information about you and the communication equipment you supply can go. It need not be anything fancy: something as simple as the dgcustomer survey website will do.

Then, whenever a government floats a tender to buy the type of communication equipment you sell, you’d need to bid for the same.

It helps a great deal if you seek security clearances: because governments usually prefer to buy high-end communication equipment from companies/individuals that have security clearances.

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